Humans of Nesh

Jul 1, 2020

4 min read

Introducing Edition 0

Edition 0.

We call Nesh’s newest release Edition 0 for a few reasons. Zero is where it all begins. Zero provides a good reference framework to compare things. Zero can increase the value of something if positioned correctly and Zero also represents nothingness.

We promise that if you read on it’ll become clearer.

Enterprises waste an enormous amount of time looking for answers in their data that they already have and our ultimate goal is to reduce that waste down to zero. We started Nesh so that enterprises can get answers to their technical and business questions 10x faster than the existing ways. As there is an infinite number of questions a company might ask, we listened very closely to what our customers were saying so we could solve for the correct unknown. And one use-case that kept coming up, again and again, was a company’s desire to know about their peers, partners, and competitors and learn about others' corporate strategies to perfect their own.

So that’s where we started. We have built a Conversational AI platform and one of the first use-cases that we developed on that platform is Corporate Strategy and Competitor Intelligence. And today, we are releasing it to everyone for free.

Nesh’s Edition 0 covers the entire energy value chain and can track Upstream Oil and Gas Companies, Renewable Energy Companies, Utility Providers, Chemical Companies, Midstream/Transportation Companies, and Oilfield Service Providers.

The Energy Industry was one of the hardest hit during the COVID crisis. It got slammed from both the demand and supply side. As the energy sector emerges from this rough patch, it will have to build back better. It cannot afford to build back the same. For the companies to thrive on the other side of this pandemic, the ability to learn faster than their competitors may be the only sustainable and remaining competitive advantage.

Using Nesh Edition 0, there is an exhaustive list of attributes that can you can track about your competitors. We have handpicked 30 companies for this version and you can ask about all of their financial metrics, ESG metrics, historical stock prices, commodity prices, current News, Risks, Strategy, R&D Areas, and Operational Stats. This information is obtained, extracted, and enriched from curated financial data streams, SEC reports — 10K/20F, News articles, and quarterly earnings call transcripts. And since Nesh is conversational, all of this can be done in a fraction of time compared to a manual search or other products.

Nesh Edition 0 is just the start of what’s possible with our Conversational AI platform. Besides Corporate Strategy and Competitor Intelligence, Nesh’s technology can be used for improving the speed of a Merger and Acquisition study, for tracking the Health and Safety record of a company, for improving Maintenance management, and much more.

We are teaching our AI to search, analyze, and answer millions of questions so that the 8000 years wasted every year looking for answers within your own data can be reduced to zero.

Nesh Edition 0 costs nothing. We have made it free so that everyone can access it and see the value and ease of using an AI that can speak to data, naturally.

Edition 0 can be upgraded to Edition P and Edition X for more advanced search and analytics.

We already have a long waitlist of people who have signed up to use Edition 0 and our team is working on providing access to everyone as fast as we can. Sign up for an account here.

In the meanwhile, here’s a quick demo of Edition 0 —

Nesh is a Conversational AI Assistant for Search and Analytics designed to find answers to your business questions 10x faster via the power of Natural Language Processing. She combines the convenience of a Chatbot with the analytical and visualization capability of a business intelligence tool and the data search power of a cognitive search engine. She can connect to publicly available data or private data and allows users to have a natural conversation with it.