Nesh Completes Shell POC as Part of SixLab Startup Program

SixLab is a global incubator for energy and exploration entrepreneurs that we have been working with for the past year and a half. As a result of their startup program, we are excited to share that we’ve launched our first proof of concept with a multinational company, Shell. SixLab by Studio X was created by Shell to foster new ways of working and promote innovation in energy by bringing together world-class startups with Shell’s talent, expertise, and resources.

Our custom Subject Matter Avatars (SMA) help companies across a range of industries preserve and access knowledge effortlessly through our domain-based answer engine. Our SMA is always learning, allowing users to have natural conversations with their content, letting them proceed with the confidence that they have the right information driving their strategy.

“I noticed, about four years back, that most data science and product development efforts in the Industrial space were focused on numbers,” said Co-Founder and CEO Sidd Gupta. “However, text was largely ignored — even though 80% of a company’s knowledge is in text and in people’s minds and not in numbers. We built Nesh to address that large, overlooked area.”

Our technology connects to all the content and expert knowledge within an organization, reads it, understands it, learns from it, and becomes a virtual Subject Matter Expert that can answer technical questions.

“Nesh is an exponential step forward in search technology for unstructured data,” said SixLab Program Director Max Gray. “For the energy industry, it is like having a conversational AI like Alexa — if Alexa had a PhD in geology, geophysics, engineering, and business.”

X-Digi Exploration Geoscientist Leah Camilli spearheaded the relationship between SixLab and Shell to make the POC possible.

“Nesh was selected because we had very clear use cases that we had been trying to tackle,” said Camilli. “One of our drivers was around search and specifically deriving value from our plethora of documents, Nesh fit nicely into this pillar.”

Although specific details of the POC cannot be released, we continue to accelerate our growth strategy to expand the usage and availability of SMAs to a wide range of applications within Exploration and beyond. The success we’ve experienced in the short time during the POC proves that our NLP technology delivers on the promise of saving companies time, money and resources.

To learn more about the value Nesh can offer your organization, Book Time with our NLP Experts Today.

Originally published at on December 16, 2021.




Subject Matter Avatar for Complex Industries

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Humans of Nesh

Humans of Nesh

Subject Matter Avatar for Complex Industries

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