When Enterprise Search Fails

We live in a world where Google fetches us millions of preference-based search results in milliseconds. So does it really make sense to deal with the typical, naive enterprise search tools at your workplaces? Or worse — depend on Ctrl+F to open docs one-by-one and find information in your company records.

Enterprise data comprises numerous files, folders, presentations, videos & other documents. If you go on & sum up the time spent searching for technical information through these documents, the number will be tremendous. Studies by McKinsey show employees spend over 1.8 hours every day on search; this means 9+ hours in a week, i.e., more than one complete workday. And it doesn’t end there. You need to scrutinize your private data regularly & compare it with your competitor’s facts & figures available on the web to make insightful decisions.

Technical searches at workplaces need precise answers, which our conventional enterprise search tools fail to provide.

Challenges With The Conventional Enterprise Search Tools

The enterprise search software can store & search through millions of an organization’s files & folders, but with no context. Be it technical or non-technical search, the tool will treat every query the same. Thus, most of the results it presents are generic & not accurate, and users have to search through all of them to find the information they are looking for. Here, big data backfires and what we truly need is the small data to personalize our search experience. Below are some challenges that the conventional enterprise search tools can not solve.

Lack of Domain Understanding

Lack of Scale

Public OR Private

Transactional and Not Conversational

But what if your enterprise search can provide you with human-like assistance? What if you can have a virtual subject matter expert at your fingertips throughout your day to make your work easy?

Nesh‘s Domain Based Search


Conversational AI

She will ask you questions to filter out all the irrelevant information and find exactly what you are looking for. For instance, if you ask her for information about a company, a conventional enterprise search engine will get all the related information available. But Nesh comes back with possible options like accounts payable, acquisitions, business risks & more.

Self Learning

Public AND Private Data

To know more about Nesh, you can connect with our experts & request a demo here —


Creator of the AI Assistant for Search and Analytics

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