Your new colleague who won’t steal your lunch

Innovation has taken us to depths reminiscent of the Jetsons. We start our day with automated sinks that turn on with the wave of the hand, Alexa gives us the news and reminds us of our meetings, some of us auto-pilot to work in a Tesla, our mobile order coffee is waiting for us at Starbucks, we talk TO our phone and Siri always has our back. But as soon as we walk into our office, it is as if we have walked into a time warp. Forget the Jetsons, we have walked into the Flintstones.

Expectation vs. Reality

In the Oil and Gas world, software is dated, cumbersome to use and not very extensible. We cannot ask our computer to process complex data sets, predict future operational events or even use our voice to run simple queries. Software for oil and gas was created using science from the 1950’s and usability from the 1990’s. In comes Nesh, The Smart assistant for Oil and Gas. We at Nesh have spent years in the industry and came up with the solution to bring Oil and Gas professionals back into the modern era. Nesh is the Alexa (or Siri or J.A.R.V.I.S) of Oil and Gas that runs on any browser. Users can simply ask and Nesh can answer their complex, technical questions in a conversational way. Nesh does away with complexity by combining high-fidelity science with Natural Language Processing and other Machine Learning Techniques to create a simple, interactive and enjoyable experience.

The user interface of Nesh

Nesh is currently looking for early adopters who can take advantage of our early stage benefits. We are currently looking for 2–3 Oil and Gas Companies in North America who are interesting in taking Nesh for a spin. We have designed a product that will work well for any E&P Organization. As an early adopter, there are 4 key benefits the team of Nesh will provide —

  1. Our team will create (with your input) new technical workflows that will help with Your upstream operations
  2. We will Integrate with Your data sources and Your existing processes to enhance Nesh’s capabilities and a provide a powerful platform to You
  3. You will influence the product roadmap of Nesh by prioritizing features for Your team and customizing it to Your own needs
  4. You will get early access to all the Nesh features before everyone else and also receive extended trial periods to get to know Nesh a little better (and preferred pricing)

Unlike a regular pilot, we not only provide a product to test, but also a collaborative engagement between your organization and our team to tailor Nesh to your specific needs.

Interested? If you’d like to learn more about Nesh and/or sign-up for the Early Adopter Program please sign-up here or go to —

Creator of the AI Assistant for Search and Analytics

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